Saturday, July 15, 2006

Illegal Weather

When I was in grad school in a VERY hot place, I had a friend who would say "this weather should be illegal." I have to agree! We're having really hot & sticky weather, here in southwest Ohio (if you live anywhere in the Midwest, I'm sure you are 'enjoying' the same lovely weather). We had several days like this in June and the past week has been just awful (not too hot, but HUMID). One thing great about this part of the country is that the weather usually changes- it will be really hot and yucky for a while, then you get a break. Well, looks like our break isn't anywhere on the horizon:

It's actually getting hotter! Look at those smiley suns just taunting me! And you can bet it ISN'T a "dry heat" either! I wonder how my no-A/C friends are doing. I know the weather is even hotter where my grad school friend lives, but this is still quite illegal, if you ask me!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I feel you.. BN state is HOTTTTTTT and will be for a while... we have 100 in the forcast for tomrrow.... eek. Our plans pretty much consist of turning the AC up and playing video games all weekend... yea TV and AC!

Seeking Solace said...

Same heere. It is OPPRESSIVE in Lake Effect Snow Central. I am thankful that I have AC.

Sandy said...

YIKES!!! I remember the humidity there! I also remember walking under trees in Oxford and wondering if "it's cooler in the shade" was an old wives tale!" ...and here in Tucson the AC in our office is not working... TOTALLY ILLEGAL!