Thursday, May 04, 2006

HOT Last word (finally)

I finally came into the office today and was able to look up the last word of my dissertation (as seen on several academic blogs recently- B*, Jane, Dr. Crazy, etc.). Are you ready? It's


Pretty exciting, isn't it? I was afraid it would be something boring.

Since I'm in the office (or maybe it should be in spite of being in the office), I will keep it short today. Maybe I can get some work done.

Have a good Thursday, everyone!


Deb said...

Oh, yeah, that's a good one!

Tabitha Grimalkin said...

That is a great "last word"! Mine was "years" -- how boring!!

Love your blog, by the way!

Addy N. said...

Thanks, Deb!

Tabitha: welcome & thanks for stopping by! I will be checking out your blog, too.

Take care!

Dr. Lisa said...

Yours and everybody else's is so much better than mine! Argh.