Monday, May 22, 2006

Another count down

D has two weeks left of school (minus one day, since next Monday is Memorial Day). In that time, I HAVE to:
  • finish that {explitive} paper and submit it
  • revise another paper with my co-author and send it back
  • clean this filthy house
  • pack for the trip, etc.

The first two items are especially critical. I'll keep you posted.

I walked this morning- a little slow again, although you have to take the pace with a grain a of salt. I walk through some wooded areas where I lose the GPS signal and the pace goes a little haywire. I feel pretty good about the average pace, because it should be fairly accurate over the whole walk. They have a newer version of my wrist GPS that is supposed to be able to get a satellite signal in tree cover and near tall buildings, but for $250 I will pass!

Here's today's breakdown:
distance: 3.97 miles
pace: 16:27 min/mile
calories burned: 436 (I also don't take this one too literally- it's not great on vertical location)
time: 1 hour 5 minutes

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