Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow day

My daughter stayed home today, because our local district decided school should be cancelled. They were forecasting as much as 6" of snow by tonight (which is a lot for SW Ohio). It didn't snow as much as they had predicted, so I think they could have just done a 2-hour delay, but oh well. The snow day meant I had to reschedule a doctor's appointment and I wasn't as productive as I might have been (I can blame it on my daughter's presence, but she actually kept herself pretty busy). I leave in one week for the next conference and am scrambling to get ready for it. I am looking forward to the trip, because I am staying with a good friend and have gotten in touch with several other friends from grad school (the conference is in the city where I did my MA). It should be fun to see everyone there.

So anyway- today I did some exciting statistical analysis and need to look over the results in more detail tomorrow, so that I can get my poster together (no talk this time). The research I am presenting started as a follow-up to my dissertation- I presented some of it at a conference two years ago, then put it away (for far too long). I want to do some more analysis and write it into a paper this semester, so I planned to use the conference to get me going on it. It will still need more work when I get back, but hopefully I will get some insightful feedback from others at the conference- the BEST thing about poster sessions is the feedback and discussion.

I think I'll go watch TV with my husband and sleep early- I'm still on a weird schedule since the Mexico City trip. I've been staying up too late and barely getting up in time to get my daughter ready for school! Maybe I'll get up earlier tomorrow...

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