Sunday, March 26, 2006

About Friday...

Despite my previous post, I was feeling pretty evil on Friday- or at least like a negligent mother! But, first let me tell you about my day before that... I went to the office again, since I was supposed to meet my advisee, have lunch with my friend, and go to a faculty meeting. Between those things, I needed to finalize and print (at least a first draft) my poster for next week's conference.

I am cutting this short, because it is now SUNDAY and I haven't managed to post the update yet! I basically had some mishaps with our plotter being out of paper (I had to print my poster at the library and pick it up yesterday- DONE), my network access in my office was screwed up again (apparently something had "fallen out of the plug" somewhere- NOT in my office- NOW FIXED), and we had a miscommunication with my daughter (she thought she supposed to go home with a friend- which is happening one day next week- and then when I was late picking her up she thought she had been abandoned at school).

Coincidentally, I am feeling evil right at this very moment, because my daughter just came into the office carrying a pair of sharp grown-up scissors (she was carrying them carefully- I'll give her that much) and asking me to cut something out for her (I think her own scissors are covered in glue or something). I yelled at her for even handling the adult scissors, so she has now retreated to her room to throw herself onto her bed and do some dramatic crying. She let out an intentionally audible groan, so I told her to shut her door. Maybe I sound VERY evil right now, but I KNOW she is only going for dramatic effect. I wonder where she gets that from? Must be from Disney movies... Is it time for my husband to wake up yet???



Seeking Solace said...

Yikes, sounds like a rough morning already!

Addy N. said...

ss: actually the morning is going fine! My daughter soon emerged from her room and informed me that she was going to go look for her scissors. She also practiced piano like a good girl (she really loves the new piece she got yesterday). We are going for Indian buffet lunch, too, so I can't complain! Take care