Saturday, December 10, 2005

The tree is up!

Well, I decorated the house last night. I usually wait until after finals, but decided to do it earlier this year. My daughter helped with the ornaments and the house looks like Christmas now. The snow outside looks pretty, too, especially now that the roads are navigable. I had bought new LED lights this year- in blue. I'm still not sure how I like them. They are much more energy efficient than the standard lights, but I love the light that the old ones make. Maybe they'll grow on me!

I still have lots of grading to catch up on: 23 term papers, 12 or so labs, 2 exams to revise, an independent study assignment to write... And a partridge in a pear tree! At least my Christmas shopping is DONE! I just need to pack up and ship everything- another thing to do this weekend between taking M to ballet class, rushing to Hamilton to buy a birthday gift for the party at 1:00, then the dinner thing tonight.

That's all for now- I better go for a walk, since I haven't exercised all week.

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