Friday, December 30, 2005

Occupational hazards (part 1)

I haven't managed to get much of anything done this week, but I think I have caught up on my missed sleep from the semester. I have been sleeping about 8 hours every night- which is completely unheard of for me, normally. During the semester, I was getting up at 4:30AM much of the time and I rarely slept before 10:00PM (so you do the math). While this sleep catch-up has been nice, I think it is at least partially responsible for the raging migraine that I have tonight. There is a phenomenon called a "weekend migraine" which is caused by "Relaxation after a period of stress". How unfair is that? You get a chance to relax and your reward is an excruciating headache! I took an Imitrex, but it only took the edge off. I even drank a cup of full-strength coffee (I'm usually de-caf ONLY), to try to help, but I am still in pain. I'm sure I'll be fine by morning, and I'm still functioning, so I'll live. I never had a migraine (that I was aware of) until about 9 months ago, when I was "seeing things" in my peripheral vision. I later found out these are associated with migraines... OK- more on this later- I think staring at the monitor isn't helping matters!

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