Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another early morning...

I woke up early to get some more grading done, but here I am procrastinating again. I will try to post every day and include a link or two to something interesting on the web. I also post photos to Weather Underground. I checked the weather when I got up and was surprised to see that Epsilon is still a hurricane- what a crazy hurricane season this has been! The tropical weather blogs are pretty informative at Wunderground, too.

I teach at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Next week is finals, so the semester is almost finished. I noticed that there are several students who have blogs here, too. Guess it was time I jumped on the bandwagon!

Here a story about global climate change & hurricanes from NOAA.

Take care.

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SA said...

count me in as one of your students who has a blog! I was looking at the GEO 121 Blackboard site, found your personal site, and then somehow found my way to your blog. Just to warn you, blogging is addicting!! But it's a lot of fun!